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I am a Geneva-based photographer, working in several fields including landscapes, portraiture and weddings. I'm also the founder of Swiss Photo Club where I also teach some of the classes.

I love to work with people, and I try to bring out something special about my subjects while we enjoy the shooting time together. If it's fun, the results are always special!

I also love sweeping landscapes and lively colours, and I can have these photos printed and delivered in all sizes, ready to hang on your walls. The suppliers I work with are based in Switzerland and Germany, they use only the highest quality papers & inks, encapsulating them into timeless pieces within acrylic glass and / or aluminum.   

You can contact me at my email address osan (at) altunphotography.com

My latest work is available at my Instagram @altuno

and yes: That’s a lovely pic of me

Enjoy my page!

Oguzhan (Osan) Altun


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