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Hi, I'm Osan, a photographer based in Geneva. I started photography just to take photos when I travel, and now I realize I travel just to take photos :)

I kept on moving every few years when I was a kid with my parents in Turkey. Later, while based in Switzerland, I had the chance to visit and live in incredible locations such as Morocco, New York, Iceland, Colombia and many more to count. 

I have a sincere passion for all things photographic, beautiful light, interesting people and sweeping landscapes. I love the WOW effect as well as beauty in simple and pure things. I'm never satisfied with what I know and always strive to improve and learn. 

I also have a huge passion for teaching, this is why I founded Swiss Photo Club and still actively teach budding photographers when I can. When I'm not working on photography, I'm an entrepreneur working on growing our school.

My latest work is available at my Instagram @altuno (for portraits) and @altun_travel (for landscapes).

Enough about me, what’s your story?

and yes: That’s a lovely pic of me

Enjoy my page!

Oguzhan (Osan) Altun


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